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1)  The key to having your fine shears function properly is the required service. Over time all scissors will go dull either through use or neglect.  

2)  When it is time for service, it should be done by an authorized service technician.  All of our scissors are manufactured at the factory with the Rapid Edge System.  To maintain your Keiki Shears the service must be done on a RES machine. 

3)  We feel so strongly concerning sharpening with the RES that all other services automatically void all warrantees.

4)  For a service representative in your area or our national mail-in service contact us @  or 281-932-9276.

5)  For all TONI&GUY clients your service must be preformed by a certified TONI&GUY service technician.  THIS IS TO MAINTAIN YOUR LIFETIME WARRANTEE. Please check their ID badge for conformation.  Always check with Keiki if unsure!!!!

To order contact:  KEIKI SHEARS INC.

                              Doug Kaye           281 932 9276

                              Stefan Margolis    516 220 7030

                              Roger Kaye          518 378 8916